Fast Prototyping

With so many Single Board Computers and development boards available along with many available software libraries, sensor, MEMS, communication modules, getting a proof of concept together is fairly easy.

By using off the shelf modules, with Python, C# or C, you can iterate rapidly and get to a working prototype. From there, you can then design a production model for the market. 

Raspberry Pi’s are great for IoT using either Linux or Windows Operating Systems. They have everything you need for a mini-computer with a host of peripherals

  • I2C
  • I2S
  • UART
  • GPIO
  • USB
  • HDMI
  • Camera and TFT 

Arduino’s are development boards, initially based in AVR microprocessors, but include ARM cortex as well. When you don’t need a full operating system, the Arduino software device libraries will enable just about anything very fast. 

Modules galore. There are so many modules off the shelf modules to connect up. From Temperature/Humidity sensors to Ultrasonic, to light, XBee, Bluetooth etc.
Wire them up togeather and watch your idea come to life.