Quick update – I have been looking at which processor to use and which Wifi module. I was considering using a Bluetooth module but that would have meant developing an iPhone /Android app which just adds to much to the project. So have decided to use a Wifi Module with a built-in web server to allow the additional configuration to be done via a web page.  Perhaps another time.

The processor, I just need an 8-bit processor with an LCD driver as this is really just a clock. Looking at the available STM8 processors, I think the STM8L152R8T would fit the bill. It has all the features I need:

  • 8 Bit processor
  • Timers
  • Real Time clock with calendar
  • USART (for debugging and or Wifi Module)
  • SPI and IC2 or interfacing other modules

For the wifi module, I’m looking at the SPWF01SA module from ST. This is a simpler module but seems to have a built in web server and restAPI capability so will have a play with it and see if this will work.

I havLCD Breakout boarde put together a breakout board for the clocks LCD. I needed  32 connectors for the flex ribbon to 2.54 pitch pins so that I can plug the LCD into a breadboard for testing and mapping out the LCD display. I have ordered the PCB from Ragworm.

Here is a zip file with the PCD file (Dip trace and Eagle Board) as well as the Gerber files.

LCD Test board v2

Next stage is to hook up and have a play with the Wifi Module to see if that is what I need.