I love my 3D printer. It’s an Ultimaker 3. I used to have (or still have) a MakerBot Replicator 2 which worked really well at first and then I spent every print fixing it. So now it’s in pieces and I bought an Ultimaker 3 instead. It still needs tender loving care, but I do get good prints out of it.

This video is all about fixing a broken lamp with a 3D Print. It was an easy fix and a good one for a quick video. I use Fusion 360 for all my 3d modelling. Its such an easy package to use and I really recommend it if you want to get into any mechanical design and modelling. Its a subscription based licence which I really like. Yes, it’s more expensive in the long runs, but it allows for flexibility and you are spreading the cost over its lifetime. Plus, and this is the main point, all updates are included. It’s so intuitive that you can get drawing immediately.

For this project, I needed to replace a broken part of the plastic shade. It was an easy task, which was a pleasure as I could get it done quite quickly.


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