GroClock Specifications

Basic Features Description
1 Set Time and Date Currently there is no date function. The new system must be able to hold a date and allow the user to set and edit the date and time
2 Set awake and sleep times per day The new hack must allow for different times to be for awake and sleep time per day.
3 Morning and evening mode Allow times to be set for morning and evening mode showing when its time to get up in the morning and when it time to go to bed. The backlight colour must change from orange to blue as night starts and blue to orange when the day starts.
4 Wifi The clock must host a web page allowing for all functions to be managed via a web page and hence via a network.
5 Temperature The internal web page must display the current room temperature and change the background colour accordingly
6 Activate night mode My son loves to activate the night mode and watch the sun change to the blue stars.
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