High level overview and specs

Naz80 Homebrew overview

The idea is to keep Mk I very simple, just to get the glue logic right and be able to do some basic stuff. selected chips are largely to do with what I have in my component drawers!
Edit : Ok, its not gonna be so simple. I bought the chipset below….


Zilog Chips
Z84C0020PEC Z80 CPU
Z84C4104PEC Serial Input/Output Controller
Z0842004PSC Parallel Input/Output Controller http://www.z80.info/zip/z80piomn.pdf
Z84C3006PEC Counter/Timer Circuit http://pdf.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheet_pdf/zilog/Z843004FEC_to_Z84C3010VEC.pdf
Other Chips
M82C55A-2 Programmable universal I/O interface
D72020C-8 Graphic Display Controller https://www.datasheets360.com/pdf/-8046248870820978517
SAA1099P Stereo Sound Generator
AM9511ADC Maths Processor
0EC12C885 Real Time Clock Timekeeper
TC551001BPL-70L 131,072 Word 8 Bit Static RAM
HM62256ALP-10 32k × 8-bit High Speed CMOS Static RAM x2
HN27256G-25 32K ROM
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